Week 7: Lets Talk School

If I where a principle for a week I would let are school be…

were casual clothes, allowed to eat anything in class, Have free milkshakes, buy everything free from the canteen, do whatever classes, allowed to have phones in class and bring our pets to school. What would you want to do if you where a principle or teacher.



The widgets I chose were Class Blogs and Flickr. I chose class blogs because it makes it easier to see other peoples blogs and they they have been doing.I also chose Flickr because it makes everything so much easier, so make sure to check them out there very helpful.

Week 4 Mrs yollis

For part of the week 4 student blogging challenge we were asked to wright a comment on a blog I picked Mrs Yollis class blog they have three different games to choose from I really liked there game sour apple.

here is a link to her blog :   http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/student-blogging-challenge-playing.html

here is the comment I left on the blog:

Hi i’m charlotte,

I really like the game sour apple I think it’s a great game to play in the gym if its rainy  outside I have a game of my own who a few of my friends made up it’s called demons there is a person who is it but she can only walk but everyone else can run but once you get touched by the person who’s it “the demon” you can only walk know and you have to try to get everyone it. I really like the games you have and I will really enjoy playing it.



Creative Commons

I learnt that creative commons is great task to do because it shows you a great website to use it has lots of images of all kind that already have the bibliographies so that you don’t use images from online witch is plagiarising and your not allowed to copy images so thats why creative commons is good.



My Avatar

My Avatar looks a little like me because she has brown hair with dark brown eyes she has a blue hoody witch my favourite colour is  she has a personality like me because she is funny, has a bubbly personality  also kind and cheerful. I hope you like my Avatar.

.Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.50.39 PM

All About Me

My name is charlotte, I love ANIMALS,I like BOUNCING on trampolines. I don’t like CATS I love dogs including my dog DAISY. I love EATING FOOD, GIRAFFES are pretty cool. I have to HOUSES and there pretty INTERESTING, I like drinking orange JUICE, I think KOALAS are pretty cute, I don’t think lEMONS are that sour, sometimes I’m a bit MELODRAMATIC, I cry when I cut ONIONS, I love PINEAPPLE, I like to ask QUESTIONS, I like RESTING, I love the SUN, I don’t have anymore TEETH to loose, I have VANS that are WHITE, I have had many X-RAYS, Im pretty YOUNG and I find it hard to ZIP up jumpers.